Deadbeat dad

Boy do I feel like one. I haven’t written in several weeks now. I know pretty much what I want to do next for Untethered, but I haven’t made the time for it. I though that while coming down here to LA to visit my mom I would find or make time for it, but I haven’t. I wish there were more time in the day…. like, say, 28 hours a day so that I could take the extra four hours to do stuff.

Coming down to LA pretty much is a no-go for anything creative that needs focused attention. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, or maybe it’s just lack of awareness, but my mom tends to come talk to me whenever she feels like it regardless of what I’m doing. I could be sitting on the couch watching a volleyball match, or my favorite show, and she often sits down next to me and just starts talking to me. Does she not notice that I’m watching something? Additionally, I could be working on my laptop, and she will just start talking to me. It’s one thing to handle constant interruptions while I’m working. That doesn’t really need much creative energy, but my writing sure does. Occasionally she will ask me if I’m working (long after she has started to talk to me). I’ve accepted that this is how she will always be, and it doesn’t bother me anymore, but it sure does hamper my productivity.

I hope to get back to my writing and post something by next Sunday. That’s seven days from now. It seems like plenty of time. I just need to schedule my block of writing time around the long hours at work, and work from home, working out at the gym, my favorite scifi tv shows, social life, sleep, and also my game-of-the-week. I think I’ll sacrifice my game-of-the-week, which is an idle game anyway in hopes that I can get back on track with my writing. I read a few posts in someone’s blog that really inspired me to want to write again, and I know that I need to make the time to write regularly anyway if I want to ever get anywhere.

Fingers crossed… Maybe I’ll do some writing tonight when everyone else is asleep. I always say that anyway…

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