I’m getting fat

It’s now been thirteen days since I tore my calf. Friday last week I was down in LA and asked my brother, the family PT, to check it out, and he recommended that I stay in crutches for probably two more weeks and then get assessed again before trying any rehab. In the meanwhile, I can do a few sets of pointing my toes briefly to keep the scar tissue that is forming inside the calf from getting too out of control, if it doesn’t hurt. Otherwise, minimize my walking and driving.

I’m still walking around with a crutch even though I feel pretty lame with it (no pun intended). Hobbling around at home is fine, but when I need to stand or walk for an extended period of time, the crutch really makes a difference, so I guess I still need it. Hopefully next week I won’t need it anymore. I can totally see why people let themselves get fat. Something happens to make you gain some weight, and it’s just easier to keep gaining more weight rather than work it off. I don’t see myself doing any real exercise for the next two weeks either. Maybe after that I can begin rehab, but that won’t really be much cardio, so oh well. There will be more me to love. One thing I’m hoping is that next week I’ll be able to catch up on my writing. I’m already falling behind because of all the other things that are going on, especially with work, but maybe they’ll calm down enough for me to work on my own stuff.

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