I’ve successfully kept up with Untethered for two weeks in a row. On the surface it seemed like a good idea to try to write 8-12 pages every week while working at a startup (though I’m working fewer hours than I used to), playing volleyball twice a week, working out once a week, and trying to have a social life. I just had to give up most of my TV-watching and video game-playing habits that I used to have. I tried to hit an average of 2500 words for an average of 250 words per page, an older standard for hitting 10 pages, but that ended up being really short because Google Docs, where I do all of my drafting, counts all words, not just three-letter or longer words. *sigh* So, I’m now aiming for 3500 or so words. Part 1 was about 2800 words as measured by Gdocs, and part 2 was around 4000. 4000 feels right, so maybe I’ll try to hit 4000 from now on, not even 3500. In page terms, I think now I’m trying to hit 12-15 pages per week.

A friend and coworker showed me a link to a reddit AMA by Andy Weir on The Martian. Reading through it, I was really encouraged by Andy’s success. Basically, The Martian is his first book, and he wrote it over the course of three years. Three years! I hope to get all the content of my book written in under one, week by week, and then spend a few months revising it to create a version of it I’d be happy to self-publish. Or not. Maybe I won’t even self-publish when this is all said and done because I’ll have fallen in love with the serialized format. Speaking of which, The Martian apparently was first published chapter by chapter in serialized format! I was using this format as a tool to write more frequently, but reading about other peoples’ successes sure is exciting!

I’ve also been researching sources of serialized fiction out there, and there is quite a lot. Any simple google search gets you results like these:

  • https://theonlinenovel.wordpress.com/where-to-read-or-list-serials/
  • http://webfictionguide.com/
  • https://theonlinenovel.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/publishing-your-own-serial-what-wordpress-com-has-that-blogspot-doesnt/

It’s a whole new world…. I’m greatly enjoying chatting to some of my friends about what I’m trying to accomplish. Once I get a few more parts posted, I’ll even start marketing a little bit to get a little bit of a larger viewing base. I’ve learned quite a lot about taking advantage of social media (though I loathe it), so I may as well put that knowledge to good use.

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